Members helping members

Saturday, April 27th, 2024 - 6:30pm

Members Helping Members event is for you! Are you new at fly fishing? Been having challenges catching? Want to learn new fly-fishing techniques? Newer to the chapter? Then this event is for you! You will need to RSVP at to receive the location of this event. This is due to the limited amount of parking.

We have been able to secure a special location locally to help others with fly fishing. This is a location that is catch and release and parking at the premises is only for one time.

If you are new to our chapter or a newer angler needing assistance, come out. We want to help you. This event is designated to help by just asking anyone there.

For members who are comfortable fly fishing, we will need your help too! Please come join us to help our newer members and/or new fly-fishing anglers.

To give you the background on how this came about. My name is Linda and many of you might have seen my posts on Facebook as I am the chapter membership coordinator and social media promoter. I am a newer angler with just under 3 years of fly fishing. While I learned mostly from my fiancée, also a Ridge and Valley member, I have learned from the others in the chapter. When I started, under a strike indicator, I would catch here and there. I kept trying and learning and asking questions. Finally, it just all fell into place. Today fly fishing is my passion. I love the sport and continuously looking to learn more from fly fishing, bug life, river restoration, and anything else that has to do with trout. If I could, I would change my career to something within the fly-fishing area I would in a heartbeat. Don’t get me wrong, there are times I get skunked. There are times I think I am the worst angler. But that’s when I have turned to other anglers asking questions to help me. Why do I tell you my story? Recently, I had a conversation with a new member. They have seen our events but have been a little nervous coming out. It got me thinking, it can be intimidating for new people or newer fly-fishing people. And I get it. I was there and I am still there, at times. So, I decided I wanted to help those in our chapter. I asked the board and all agreed, that this would be a great idea. Let us help you event.

Come out! Fish the day away in a section that isn’t too challenging and people there are willing to answer questions about fly fishing. We want you to feel comfortable. We want you to catch.

Feel free to reach out to me on Facebook if you have questions – Linda Peterson Vendome