Our chapter has two members who have played an important role in NJ's Trout in the Classroom program over the years.  Trout In the Classroom gives students of all ages throughout the state the opportunity to learn about the life cycle of trout from egg to young adult.    Chapter President Brian Cowden helped start the program over 10 years ago, and Jessica Griglak works as the state coordinator. 



Now 158 schools throughout the state participate in the program.  Schools buy equipment including an aquarium and chiller with private funds, and a teacher at each participating school volunteers their time to take care of the fish.  The Pequest Trout Hatchery provides surplus fertilized eggs to each school.  Trout Unlimited volunteers from chapters throughout the state pick up eggs from the hatchery and deliver them to schools.  Fish food is also provided with the eggs.



Teachers throughout the state take it from there.  They are in charge of feeding the fish and making sure the aquarium water is clean.  They also teach their students about the life cycle of fish.  Once the fish reach young adulthood in May, the classes go on a field trip to release the fish in streams throughout the state.  They are released in streams classified as Trout Maintenance Waters, meaning that they are capable  of supporting trout year round.  Thanks to everyone who participates in this program!