Lopatcong Creek Tree Planting

The Lopatcong Creek riparian tree and shrub planting project was a huge success! 

Volunteers came from East Jersey, Hacklebarney, Central, and of course Ridge & Valley TU chapters were there to help. There may have been volunteers from additional chapters as well.

Thirty large balled-and-burlapped trees and 70 #7 trees and shrubs were planted as part of our first phase of tree planting on this lower section of the lower section of the Lopatcong Creek restoration project. The purpose of these trees/shrubs is to reestablish a riparian canopy and increase shade, particularly on the western and southern banks. Subsequent plantings (dormant cuttings) aim to stabilize the re-graded streambank.

Volunteers removed packing material from trees and dug holes for smaller material, get trees into holes, backfill earth onto trees, and run 5-gal buckets from the creek to newly planted trees.

The lower Lopatcong is dominated by cold groundwater flows, providing and excellent wild brown and stocked rainbow fishery easily accessed by Philipsburg residents. In addition to alleviating downstream find sediment issues, we anticipate this project will encourage greater use of the middle Lopat by the wild brown trout population and subsequently the anglers who seek them out.

Lopatcong Creek, Lock Street, Philipsburg, NJ