Ridge and Valley Trout Unlimited is proud to participate in NJ's Trout in the Classroom program.  We support 4 schools in Warren County with the process of raising trout from the fertilized egg stage to the young of the year stage.  Our volunteers deliver fertilized eggs to the schools in October.  A classroom teacher works with the students to raise the fish until May, when the fish are released into the wild.



This year a few volunteers hosted a field trip at Stephens State Park.  A group of 5th grade students from Allamuchy Township School released the fish they raised into the Musconetcong River in the park. 



Our volunteers helped the students release the fish into the stream.  Also, they seined aquatic insects from the stream, and explained which insects were part of a trout's diet.  Lastly, they took the students on a guided walk along the stream.  They showed students examples of trout habitat including a run, riffle, and a pool.  Then explained how each type of habitat supports trout at different times of the year.



Thanks to Deb DeAngelis, a schoolteacher at Allamuchy Township School, for participating in the Trout In the Classroom program.  And for organizing this field trip so that the students had an opportunity to learn more about trout.