Kyle Smith J.D.

Kyle Smith J.D.
Job title: 
Oregon Field Coordinator
About me: 
Kyle works as Oregon Field Coordinator for TU’s Sportsmen’s Conservation Project and the Wild Steelhead Initiative. Kyle worked for three years as TU’s Membership Engagement Manager for Volunteer Operations before starting his role with SCP in November 2017. Prior to joining TU as a staff member, he was actively involved as a grassroots volunteer where he founded the Blueback Chapter #196 in Corvallis, OR and served as Oregon's NLC representative. Kyle holds a bachelor of environmental science from Washington State University, a master of public administration from Columbia University, and a law degree from the University of Oregon. Kyle lives in Oregon's Willamette Valley with his wife and serves as co-chair of the Oregon Hatchery Research Center and as a board member of the Oregon Wildlife Foundation.
Group membership: 
The Redsides - 678
Oregon - 9OR
Wild Steelheaders United
Fly Tying
The Front Porch
Trout Magazine
National Leadership Council - NLC
Climate Change
Stream Ambassadors
2015 Annual Meeting- Scranton, PA